Flat belts are used in line shafting to transmit power in factories. The flat belt is a simple system of power transmission. It delivers high power for high speeds (500 hp for 10,000 ft/min), in cases of wide belts and large pulleys. Various carcass materials are available for Multiple Ply belts, depending on the application. The most highly recommended are polyester/nylon, cotton, nylon, polyester, etc. These belts can be supplied with rubber covers, friction surface, or bareback.

Type Canvas Flat belt
Category Flat belt
Brand Name Black Diomand , Nandini
Material Rubber, Cords, Fabric
Color Multi color
ISI standards
Available in Sizes 1? � 5? width
Available from 1 ply to 4 plys according to the application
Water resistance property
Smooth, quiet operation and long belt life
Uniform belt surface with no splicing
High-tensile strength
High coefficient of friction
No lubrication necessary
Transverse rigidity
Most commonly used for farming, mining, and logging applications, such as bucksaws, sawmills, threshers, silo blowers, conveyors for filling corn cribs or haylofts, balers, water pumps (for wells, mines, or swampy farm fields), and electrical generators.