Medium-duty, lightweight construction; retains flexibility in cold weather. Smooth-bore tube minimizes material buildup and resists a variety of chemicals found in agricultural and sanitary industries. Slightly corrugated outer helix promotes abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction and ease of coupling. Suitable for applications where low-temperature flexibility is required.

Special category transparent suction hose used for feeding tube of ORNI MACHINE used for crop seeding. Available in 1? to 1.5? with quality variant according to customers requirements..

Type PVC suction hose
Category Agriculture Hose
Brand Name Distributor Gold Flex , Distributor Jumbo Flex , Distributor Turbo Flex , Distributor Aura Flex , Distributor Air Flex
Material Plastic Granule, Resin
Color Blue, Black,Green,Grey,Pink
Available in 0.75? to 6? diameter and blue color
Computerized meter marking available
Export based packaging for each bundle
Tensile strength and durability is 70% more than commercial grade
Oil free hose production and weather resistant
Delivery and light suction of water. Conveyance of waste, sludge, slurry, chemicals and other waste matter. Delivery of saline water, light acids alkaline and other chemicals exception solvents Suitable for the horticultural and marine industries. Also uses as portal water supply.