Tarpaulins are made from H.D.P.E. woven fabrics laminated on both sides with LLDPE and LDPE coating alongwith

higher grade PE material H.D.P.E. laminatic fabric and H.D.P.E. laminated tarpaulins are available in wide range of

colours (single or double color as desired by the customer).

H.D.P.E. tarpaulins are used in various industries like, transportation, agriculture, infrastructure, logistics, temporary

shelters, household etc. They are well suited for various applications like truck covers ,and  also for all type of vehicles

funication covers, tents , canal and ponds lining, shelters, machine covers , rock and shade covers (cement, food grains,

sugar, machineries etc.)

  • Cost effective, light in weight ,heavy in protection.
  • Unaffected from microbial attacks, chemicals and alkalies
  • Durable / tear lasting and puncture resistant
  • Shrinkproof , easy to handle and clean
  • HRFRLS (Heat resistant, fire retardant and low smoke )
  • Customization facility in various colours is available

12*8, 12*10, 12*12,
15*9, 15*12, 15*15, 
18*12, 18*15, 
21*15, 21*18, 
24*15, 24*18, 
30*18, 33*18, 36*18, 36*24, 

Type HDPE Tarpaulin
Category Tarpaulin
Brand Name Golden Sprrow , Rain Gold , Volcano , 7 Crystal , Polytuf Tarpaulin
Material HDPE
Color Black, Blue, Orange, Silver, etc
Strength :- 100GSM to 500GSM
High-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins are well suited for a range of blow, injection, and rotational molding applications like IBCs and storage tanks; crates and pallets; pails and lids; automotive components; bottles and caps; toys and water sports equipment. Additionally, HDPE resins are utilized in extrusion film applications such as grocery, garbage and deep-freezer bags (10 to 25 microns). This is just one more way in which the ExxonMobil polyethylene business is helping deliver tomorrow's performance today.

Good stiffness and impact balance even at low temperatures
ESCR (environmental stress cracking resistance)
Optimized processability for a broad range of applications