Founded in 1981, Jalaram Group has been active in providing products and solutions for Agricultural and Industrial applications for more than three decades. Since those early days, the company has steadily increased its capacity and experience to encompass a wide range of advanced products.

Our mission is to deliver high performance to end users through innovative products and solutions. We focus on close partnerships with customers to deliver customized, innovative high performance products. The business consistently strives to provide excellent customer service and continuous productivity enhancement.

Jalaram Group manufactures, trades and exports products such as Lay Flat Hose Pipe, Garden Pipe, Suction Pipe, Conveyor Belt, V-Belt, Self-Priming Motors etc. The Company operates through Jalaram Machinery Stores, Jalaram Marketing, Jalaram Trading Company and Jalaram Innovative Plast. With three generation of expertise in the business we adhere to the core value "Market demanded quality at most reasonable price, and sustained relation through customer oriented business policy".







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This business policy lead us to grow from a small merchant dealing in retail market to manufacture, trade and export products worth Rs. 30 Crore (Rs. 300 million) annually. Produced stock holding worth Rs. 15 Crore (Rs. 150 million) during the peak season period.

With more than 4500 dealers across the state of Gujarat and 250+ dealers outside Gujarat enables us in widening our business horizon. We reach all the way up to Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab in domestic market. For exports, we have clients base in African Countries, Middle East Arab Countries, Central Asian Countries like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, South Asian Countries like Nepal, Shri Lanka and Bhutan etc.

In order to cater day to day supply, we have 8000 Sq. Ft. Showroom and 100000 Sq. Ft. large warehouse facilities - these figures just simply signify our stock capacity and promptness in terms of delivery.

We aim at enhancing the quality as well as technology of all our products through new features and new introductions. Our company further makes sure to maintain the level of quality of products and enhance it through added features. As a highly professional company, we are able to carry out bulk production and meet our deadlines on time, which helps us win the trust of our clients. We also try our best to keep up with the latest industry trends to stay ahead in the present competitive scenario.

We are therefore uniquely positioned to offer global experience and local expertise to meet the demands of the Indian and international market for technically superior products at competitive prices. In addition to the current range of high quality market leading products, we are adding a broad range of power transmission products from the global brands that have not previously been available on the Indian market.