Dual Duty Taper Bush Pulley

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Type Dual Duty Taper Bush Pulley
Brand Name Continental ContiTech
Material Cast Iron FG-200

Continental Dul Duty Taper Bush Pulleys are metric in dimensions and design conforming to ISO/IS groove specifications and run-out tolerances. The dual duty design of grooves makes them suitable for use with all wedge belts of SPA, SPB, SPC & SPZ sections as well as classical belts of A,B,C & Z sections.

These Pulleys are fitted with Taper Bushes which offer quick, easy and reliable fitting to shafts as also quick and convenient removal form shafts. They eliminate re- boring and keyway machining time & cost as Taper Bushes are supplied with finished bore and deyway to suit customers' requirements. Unlike conventional through bored pulleys, each pulley does not need to be finished according to different bore and keyway requirements.

These Pulleys incorporate close grained Cast Iron conforming to Grade FG 200 of IS 210 and precision made on CNC machines to close tolerances for accuracy & consistency. The standard range covering over 800 size caters to all speed ratios up to 1:7 and power up to about 250 kW which takes care of majority of drives in industry. For applications in the higher range, custom built pulleys with grooves more than 8 in SPB & SPC sections as well as D & E section grooves are also available.

Continental Taper Bushes are available in a wide range of finished bores for metric shaft and are also equally suitable for imperial shafts. The arrangement of threaded half holes and longitudinal slit in the taper bush ensures shrink fit & quick easy fixing. Tightening of the screws in to the threaded holes in the hub forces the taper bush in to the taper bored pulley thereby contracting the bore of the taper bush to obtain shrink fit equivalent grip.

  • Standard range of metric pulleys conforming to ISO/IS groove specifications and run out tolerances.
  • Dual duty grooves to accommodate Classical - V belts of sections A, B, C & Z as well as wedge belts of section SPA, SPB, SPC & SPZ.
  • Over 800 standard sizes to cater to all speed ratios up to 1:7 and powers up to 250 kW aprrox., fitting with Taper Bushes with the advantage of easy fixing and removal.
  • Taper Bush Pulley incorporate high strength material to give optimum mass/strength ratio and are produced on CNC machines to give accuracy and consistency.
  • Continental Pulleys use close grained Cast Iron conforming to Grade FG-200 of IS : 210 and Precision machined to close tolerances.
  • Tailor made through bored Pulley for use With D & E section belts and with grooves more than 8 in SPB, SPC section available on demand for applications involving higher powers.
  • Clean shaft, bore of the hub and outside of bush of oil, dirt etc. Place bush in the hub and line up half hole to make complete holes. Each complete hole will be threaded on one side only i.e. in the hub or the bush.
  • Lightly oil thread & point of grub screws or thread & under head of cap screws. Place screws loosely in holes that are threaded on hub side (shown as in the diagram.)
  • Ensure that bush is free in the hub and slip the bush and hub assembly on to the shaft as one unit. Locate the assembly torque desired position.
  • Tighten screws alternately & evenly until all are fully secured. Refer to the table below for the size of screw & the screw tightening torque values.
  • Lightly tap large end of the bush using hammer & block to prevent any damage. Screws. Can now be turned a little more Repeat this alternate hammering & screw tightening once or twice till the specified torque setting are reached. All empty holes may be filled with grease to keep the dirt out.
  • for normal drives. Where no shock loads or pulsating loads are present, it is not necessary to use a key. If, however a key is to be used, Place it in the shaft keyway before fitting the bush and hub on the shaft. It is necessary use only a side fitting parallel key with top clearance and taper keys or woodruff key or not recommended.
  • Remove all screws, lightly oil thread & point of of grub screws or thread & under head of cap screws.
  • Insert screws in removal holes that are threaded on the bush side. These removal holes, one or two in number, also called jacking off holes are represented as in the diagram.
  • Tighten screws alternately until bush is loosened in the hub & then remove the complete assembly form the shaft. If the bush does not loosen immediately tap on the hub.

These pulleys are widely used to cater to the needs of different industries and sectors like textile, cement, sugar, fertilizer, paper and ceramic, among others.

Poly- V Pulley

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Type Poly-V Pulley
Material Aluminium and Cast Iron

Poly-V is a multi rib belt drive whose special construction allows it to be used with very small pulley diameters, reducing noise and vibrations. It solves many drive problems in a number of applications such as machine tools, wood working machines, fitness machines, compressors, fans etc. SIT pulleys have been designed to guarantee optimal drive performances and life. High ratio or high torque drivers. With only 1 belt, tensioning is easy and you do not have to worry about matching belts.

  • Power Transmission in machineries
  • Durable
  • Resistant to high wear and tear
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Anti abrasive
  • Non corrosive
  • We also have the capability to offer pulleys with Taper Lock Bush & QD bush arrangement.
  • We can also supply as per customer requirement.
  • Pulley is available with the possible speed ratio of 40 to 1.

These pulleys are widely used to cater to the needs of different industries and sectors like textile, cement, sugar, fertilizer, paper and ceramic, among others.

Timing Pulley

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Type Timing Pulley
Material Aluminium and Cast Iron
  • Positive grip of belt teeth with pulley tooth eliminate slippage and speed variation
  • Drive provides wide load capacity from sub fractional horsepower to 600HP.
  • Drive ranges is from 10RPM to 10,000 RPM, between two spindles and multi-spindle drive system.
  • Suitable for all type of power transmission, indexing, positioning, conveying systems multi-shaft drive because of high accuracy drive.
  • Reversing drive is possible with double sided tooth belts, known as twin-powder and belt, also. Running serpentine drives.
Belt Section Pitch Outer Diameter Belt Width Tooth Depth
MXL Timming Pulley 0.080”-2.032 mm 0.51 mm 3,6,9,5 mm 0.457 mm
XL Timming Pulley 0.200”-5.080 mm 0.51 mm 9,5,12.5 mm 1.651 mm
L Timming Pulley 0.375”- 9.525 mm 0.75 mm 12.5, 19, 25.4 inch 2.667 mm
H Timming Pulley 0.500”-12.7 mm 1.37 mm 1, 1.5, 2 inch 3.048 mm
XH Timming Pulley 0.875”-22.225 mm 2.79 mm 2,3,4 inch 7.137 mm
XHH Timming Pulley 1.250”-31.750 mm 3.05 mm 2,3,4,5 inch 10.312 mm

Machine Tools, Foundry Equipments, Conveyors, Compressors, Painting systems, Cultivator, Rice Winnower Tractor, Harvester, Harvester, Rice Planter etc.

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