Industrial Hoses

Hydraulic Hose

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Type R1(Single Wire Bradded) & R2 (Two Layer Wire Bradded)
Brand Name Continental ContiTech
Cover Color Black
Size ¼ Inch to 1 ½ inch
  • Black, non-porous and smooth NBR lining
  • Reinforcements: synthetic fibres
  • Black NBR-cover, resistant to ozone, weather, UV and abrasion
  • Working pressure up to 25 bar / 363 psi
  • Temperature range from –40°C up to +100°C / -40 °F up to + 212°F (short term up to +125°C / +257°F)
  • Resistant to oil and fats
  • According to DIN EN 854

The high performance CONTI® Hydraulic hose is suitable for the safe transport of hydraulic oil on basis of mineral oil, oil and water emulsions as well as aqueous glycol solutions.

The hose construction is a safe element of work for hydraulic plants and systems of all kinds in the machine building industry, for fork-lift trucks, ground moving machines, lifting platforms, excavators, agriculture machines and many more.

Industrial Hose

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Type Carbon free Hose, Air/Water Hose, Rock Drill Hose, Sandblast hose, pneumatic tool hose
Brand Name Continental ContiTech
Inner Tube NBR/NR/SBR
Size ¼ inch to 2 inch

Our brand-name hoses can be used in many different areas. For decades, they have proven themselves in continuous use under the most grueling conditions. With our large, central center for logistics, we guarantee high availability, and thus ensure short delivery times.

The multiplicity of new hose technology applications, statutory regulations, and the abundance of media to be transported confront our development engineers with new challenges every day. Our product innovations give us a defining influence on the establishment of market standards. For special applications, we develop the ideal hose, designed exactly to meet requirements. such as temperature resistance, pressure, robustness, and flexibility

industrial hoses are designed as robust top products for virtually any application in the industrial, manufacturing, and traffic sectors.

They are valued worldwide for their quality and durability and are the perfect solution for every application, whether for heavyduty compressed air applications; for welding and grinding work in shipyards, foundries, or bridge building, or for transporting heated and saturated steam.

Air & Multipurpose Hose

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Type Air & Multipurpose Hose
Brand Name Continental ContiTech
Cover Colour Black , red ,Yellow , Green Or Blue EPDN synthetic Rubber
Size 3/16 inch to 2 inch

air and multipurpose hoses are engineered to meet the specific requirements and industry specifications for a variety of applications. Featuring low working pressures, large bore sizes and high transfer capabilities, our well-rounded selection of industrial hoses serves a range of markets from high-pressure use in heavy construction, to light-duty in agricultural and some industrial equipment.

  • Safer operation
  • Longer hose life
  • Full range of sizes and styles

Air-operated construction equipment, Power air-operated drills, Boring, and Mining equipment in Oil & Gas exploration, Metal working, Construction and Mining markets.

Welding Hose

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Type Welding Hose
Brand Name Continental ContiTech
Cover EPDN synthetic Rubber Ribbed Surface
Size 3/16 inch to 3/18 inch

Hoses are extremely flexible, resistant to age and weathering, have a smooth surface texture resistant to soiling, and offer maximum safety with regard to hose technology.

  • Working pressure up to 20 bar / 290 psi
  • Temperature range from -40°C up to +60°C / -40°F up to +140°F
  • Highly flexible, robust
  • Non-buckling, dimensionally stable
  • Release agent- and fat-free, free from any product harmful to lacquer
  • Lining electrically conductive, R < 106 Ω/m
  • According to DIN EN ISO 3821

Installation and heating system companies, structural and underground engineering, welding shops, welding equipment manufacturers, body makers, bridge and steel engineering, shipyards. For processes related to welding and cutting.

Steam Hose

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Type Steam Hose
Brand Name Continental ContiTech
Cover Black or red Pyrosyn, Pin-pricked synthetic rubber
Size ½ inch to 2 inch

hoses made from the highest quality materials can stand up to the high temperatures and high pressures found in the steam service industry. Engineered with exclusive elastomers that resist heat and flaking (popcorning), Steam hoses last longer while demonstrating extraordinary versatility and flexibility. They’re clearly branded and color-coded for quick and easy identification, ordering, installation or maintenance.

  • Transfer of steam for processing products & cleaning equipment
  • Hydrocarbon drain service
  • Heat Resisting Patrex

Transfer of steam for processing products and cleaning equipment, Refining and petrochemical, Paper industry, Industrial cleaning markets, Oil and gas exploration, Steel, Ship building

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