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Finex Supreme Conveyor Belt

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Type Nylon
Category Transmission Belts, Conveyor Belts
Brand Name Finex Supreme®
Material Rubber
Color Black

For the fastest industrialization, conveyor systems is inevitable for evry industry for transportation of raw material as well as finished products of the industries concerned. We are manufacturing rubber conveyor belt in our ultra modern and automatic plant which takes care of every steps of the manufacturing process which is being supervised by out qualified and richly experienced quality control personnel. Because of the excellence quality of our Finex Supreme Conveyor belt, we have been able to satisfy our clientele throughout India.

  • Plain Surface Top
  • Rough Top
  • Wavy Top
  • Cheveron Style
  • Side Wall
  • Oil Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Ultra Heat Resistance
  • ISO standards
  • Available in 1" - 48" width and 3ply - 7ply combinations
  • Available thickness ranging from 5mm to 20 mm
  • Quality nylon threads of sizes 100nn - 400 nn is used
  • Available in NN, EP, HR & SHR grades
  • Available in different length sizes based on requirements

Mining, Metallurgical Industry, Architectural Industry, Ports, Ginning plant, Cement Plant, Stone Crusher and Ceramic Plant etc...

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

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Type Steel Cord
Category Transmission Belts, Conveyor Belts
Brand Name Finex Supreme®
Material Rubber, Steel Cord
Color Black

When reinforced with steel cord these belts last longer, allow higher operating speeds and offer better shock and rupture resistance than conventional fiber reinforced belts. In additional, very low elongation and absence of grip makes steel cord the ideal reinforcement for long haul, high strength belts.

Our cord provide optimised high tensile yet flexible reinforcement to the Conveyor belt and make it more reliable and high capacity conveyor System to be used. Our flexibility to supply in ready to fit spool as well as in giant spools, gives our customer the option to procure in exact lengths, thus reducing operational cost and downtime.

  • Available from 300 to 2400mm of belts width.
  • Available thickness ranging from 12mm to 30 mm
  • Major application at places requiring higher heat resistance & heavy duty workload with zero tolerance

Mining, Metallurgical Industry, Ports, Cement Plant and Stone Crusher etc...

PVC & PU Conveyor Belt

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Type PVC & PU
Category Transmission Belts, Conveyor Belts
Brand Name Ammeraal Beltech
Material Plastic, PVC & PU, Polyester Fabric

PVC solid Woven Conveyor Belt has so many characteristics, such as wear resistant, tear resistant, good mechanical joint, excellent safety performance and lower cost.

  • Lighter in weight
  • Higher bending capacity due to flexibility of material & thinner than other conveyor belt
  • Surface Pattern: Smooth, Rough, Diamond, Matt etc.
  • Bottom Material: Polyester Fabric or PVC
  • Color: White, Green and Black
  • Total Thickness: 1mm to 5mm
  • Fiber layers: 1 layer, 2 layers or 3 layers
  • Fiber class: Layer stability polyester
  • Working Temp: – 10° ~ + 80° C
  • Min Pulley Dia: 45mm
  • Size: From 1mm to 2400mm
  • Nuber of plies: 1ply to 4ply
  • Packing: Rolls

Cotton Ginning, Textile, Packaging, Tobacco, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Paper & Packaging Industries.

Food Grade Conveyor Belt

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Type Food Grade
Category Transmission Belts, Conveyor Belts
Brand Name Ammeraal Beltech & Finex Supreme® (Hygienic Rubber)
Material Plastic Modular, PVC & PU, Rubber Hygienic
Color Multi-colors

A wide variety of food grade Conveyor Belts are available for the various material handling needs of the backing and food processing industries, including special profile for dough handling, belts that are grease and oil resistant and nonstick cut and gauge resistant belts.

  • Cover Styles : Smooth, Matte Finish, Rough Top, Clean Top
  • Carcasses: Cotton, Cotton / Polyester, Span Polyester, Polyester Mono Filament, Polyester
  • Colours: White, Green, Black, Blue, Tan
  • Cover Compounds: PU, PVC, Low / High Temp, Teflon, Rubber modified Vinyl

Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Poultry, Fish, Beverages, Grains, Nuts, Candies, Breads Pastries, Cereals, Pharmaceuticals etc.

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